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Congratulations, Techray! Obtained two authoritative certification of manufacturing industry!

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-08-29


Double authoritative certification, "champion product" deserves the name! Recently, Techray's "Medical Center Oxygen system" has been successively selected as a single champion product of Hunan Manufacturing industry and a key biomedical product of Hunan Province in 2022. Two provincial recognition, once again proved Techray's high-quality products and "oxygen +" in the field of strong comprehensive strength!

Techray "Medical Center oxygen system" with advanced innovation strength and market share in the field of oxygen segmentation ranked first in the market strength, through layers of recommendation and expert group comprehensive review, stood out from many enterprises, successfully selected Hunan Province manufacturing single champion product.


The single champion of the manufacturing industry is known as the "pearl" in the crown of the manufacturing industry, the "spire" of the pyramid, and the key technology "attacker" of the industry. Hunan Province manufacturing industry single champion product identification requires enterprises to focus on the segmentation of the product market for a long time, the market share of a single product is in the top 3 in the country and ranked first in the province, the production technology and process of the enterprise is leading in China, with independent research and development capabilities, with a high level of intelligent manufacturing and strong continuous innovation ability.


As the only enterprise in the oxygen industry to win this award, Techray's achievements in the field of molecular sieve oxygen production are very impressive, which also marks the Hunan Provincial government's high recognition of Techray's comprehensive ability in innovation and manufacturing ability.

Taking this opportunity, Techray will continue to deepen the field of oxygen, increase research and development investment, give play to core technological advantages, strive to be the pioneer of industry innovation, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry!


In the post-epidemic era, the biomedical industry is known as the "never declining sunrise industry", which is a strategic emerging industry of national key development. The oxygen production system of the medical center is one of the life support systems of the hospital, and plays an irreplaceable role in life support, critical rescue and rehabilitation physiotherapy. Techray "Medical Center oxygen system", with a number of cutting-edge innovative technologies, in the air flow, air direction, air purification and other eight atmospheric control technology comprehensive upgrade, for more than 3,000 medical institutions to provide oxygen support and guarantee. Techray's list of key products in the biomedical industry is the government's recognition of Techray's oxygen technology and oxygen product innovation strength, and Techray will usher in greater development in the oxygen + field.



From “the national specialized special new key small giant enterprise” to the single champion of Hunan Manufacturing industry and the key product of Hunan biomedical industry in 2022, Techray has made continuous innovation in technology and continued exploration of industry development along the way. In the future, Techray will continue to increase investment in product research and development, strengthen technological innovation capabilities, enhance the company's core competitiveness, and drive the high-quality development of the oxygen industry with high-quality products and refined services.

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