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Did you punch in at the CMEF exhibition of Techray medical?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2020-10-26

Did you punch in at the CMEF exhibition of Techray medical?

On October 19, 2020, the 83rd China International Medical Devices Exhibition (CMEF) was officially held in Shanghai after 365 days. Techray medical brought popular products "The fourth generation intelligent medical oxygen generator system " and " Integrated intelligent oxygen generator system" this time.

the 83rd China International Medical Devices Exhibition (CMEF)

medical oxygen plant for small hospital

In this exhibition, Techraycame with new products. The integrated intelligent oxygen generatorsystem on display adopted the latest R & D technology and industrial design, and was frequently concerned by customers once it was unveiled. Under the epidemic, products with oxygen as the core are very popular. The integrated oxygen generatorsystem adopts highly integrated technology, integrates air pressure, cooling and drying, and can realize independent pressurization, atomization, remote monitoring and other functions.

oxygen plant for big hospital

Techray's intelligent medical oxygen generator system is a star product in the fight against theCOVID-19 in 2020. In the process of fighting theCOVID-19, medical oxygengenerator system was very popular. During theCOVID-19, it solved the problems of hypoxia and high flow oxygen use in the front-line hospitals of theCOVID-19, and won time for the treatment of patients.

Constant on-site customer consultation

As a high-end medical oxygengenerator brand, Techray medical has sold its products to 36 countries and provided good and stable services to more than 2800 domestic users. The fourth generation of intelligent medical oxygen generatorsystem has won customers' favor with advanced technology and high quality. A series of products such as integrated oxygengeneratorsystem, intelligent nursing system and purification engineering have also attracted customers' attention with their unique innovative development.

The 83rd CMEF medical devices Expo has came to a successful conclusion. Techraylooks forward to seeing you again in the coming year!

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