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Five-star After-Sales service certification has arrived!

By admin In Art, News Posted 2019-09-09

Five-star After-Sales service certification has arrived!

The good news came with September as expected. With the perfect after-sales service system, Techray was awarded the "Five-star After-Sales Service Certification", which verifies the excellent brand service through the state-approved service certification program.

New concept and principle - serviceas actual

After-Sales service is a trump card in the market competition, in order to provide customers with environmental cleaning solutions, Techray also establish a set of their own complete after-sales service system, the construction of "service principles", and constantly enhance the product and after-sales service capabilities.

After-Sales service team

In terms of customer service, Techray insists on the service concept of "let customers always enjoy pre-sales service", from the concept to creating service brand, and then rely on the service principle to provide customers with timely, fast, and high-quality after-sales service. Providing the high quality service for customers has become the pursuit of Techray.

On-site operation of the after-sales service team

New goals and development - service upgrade

In order to uphold the "54321 service principle", Techray has set up its own service outlets in many offices and branches across the country, for effectively solving problems for users, also providing customers with one-steAfter-Sales supply chain service solutions, and escorting the service for medical and health care.

Standing on the national high standard,Techray has been awarded "five-star after-sales service certification", and the service capability meets the standard requirements of GB/T 27922-2011 "Commodity after-sales service evaluation system".

five-star after-sales service certification

At the same time, in the construction of professional after-sales service team,Techray has obtained the professional qualification of "After-sales Service Manager (Senior)" for many after-sales engineers.

After-sales Service Manager (Senior)

Through the certification means thatTechray has a perfect service system and works well, this five-star high-level after-sales service, the supervision and inspection of the national registered assessor. Passing the certification means that Techray is leading in the industry and even in the country, and has a great advantage in brand and credibility.

In the future, Techray will continue to promoting the construction of a high-quality after-sales service environment with a professional and dedicated attitude. With the brand and reputation of high quality,to make customers can directly understand and trust the integrity of the brand.


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