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[Good News] Techray is listed in Forbes 2018 as a potential non- listed company

By admin In Art, News Posted 2018-07-01

[Good News] Techray is listed in Forbes 2018 as a potential non- listed company

Forbes China released the "2018 List of Potential Enterprises of Unlisted Companies". The List selected enterprises with an annual revenue of RMB 10 million to 1 billion in 2017, and required to achieve profitability in 2016 and 2017 (net profits in these 2 years are above 0). 

The rapid economic growth in China greatly depends on the rising of small and medium-sized enterprises. Multiple factors help Techray to be in the List of Potential Enterprises. 

First of all, Techray creatively implement O2O business model in medical industry, built the first e-commerce team, and have accumulated more than 18000 channel customer resources through team upgrading and market optimization. "All the performance, repurchase and profits of start-ups can be calculated. Only the team's desire for self-growth can not be measured, yet it is the desire that can only lead the enterprise to upgrade." As some leader, also founder of an enterprise mentioned.  The development of Techray also rely on the growth of the team and the innovation of the model. 

Moreover, being able to be selected in the List also benefit from Techray brand certification. At present, Techray has friendly and stable cooperative relations with more than 1000 users. It is worth mentioning that, Techray, with its advanced medical oxygen generator, has repeatedly won the bids in the plateau oxygen station projects held by the Central Military Commission Joint Security Forces, providing sufficient oxygen support for the plateau troops.

As the only one excellent potential company from Hunan, Techray is in the List,  fully showing its importance in the medical market. Currently, Techary are in active preparation for being listed in stock market. , and also on the way to receive the fruits of all efforts. 

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