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Techray Medical attended the 18th International Congress of Genomics (ICG-18) Successfully Held

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-07-24

On April 12, 2023, the 18th International Congress of Genomics (ICG-18) was held in Zhangjiajie, where top scientists and medical experts from home and abroad gathered to share scientific and technological achievements and explore cooperation opportunities.



The International Genomics Congress is the world's most enduring, most participated and most influential annual conference in the field of genomics, and one of the most influential global academic forums in the field of life sciences. It has been held so far, and more than 1,200 world-class scientists, Nobel Prize winners, academicians, and field experts have participated in the conference. As a major event in the field of life sciences and medicine, this year's International Genomics Congress also focuses on cutting-edge technologies and technologies in the field of life sciences as always.


As the source of life, oxygen can prevent and treat more than 190 diseases and is inseparable from life science health. In 2019, three scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their research findings on the "oxygen perception pathway", which further confirmed that oxygen is not only the core and basis of maintaining life, but also has a positive or negative impact on the human body because of its interaction and adaptation between cells, which also provides more methods for the treatment of human diseases. Japanese medical doctor Noguchi Eishi also proposed that the root cause of all diseases is hypoxia, which once again proved the importance of oxygen to life and health, and oxygen has been paid attention to in the biomedical field.

As a medical oxygen professional brand, Techray has been deeply engaged in the field of oxygen health for many years, and has continuously made breakthroughs and innovations in oxygen technology, promoting the leap from the field of oxygen medical treatment to the civil field of oxygen health, and accelerating the innovation and development of the oxygen health industry.


Techray Representative

As an enterprise with remarkable achievements in the field of oxygen, Techray was invited to attend the conference and held a special exhibition, and General Manager Dai of Hunan Region attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The site and top scientists, experts and scholars at home and abroad constantly collided with each other to discuss the application and future of oxygen technology in life science, explore the nature of human function and disease with more scientific means, and inject new vitality into the development of life science.

Techray's special exhibition attracted many experts and scholars to come to exchange and negotiate, further understand Techray's oxygen health concept and oxygen products, and gave high recognition to Techray's oxygen health concept, laying a good foundation for future cooperation.



With the end of this International Genomics Conference, Techray will take this conference as an opportunity to explore new developments in the field of oxygen health from a new perspective, continue to study oxygen technology, and provide customers with diversified products and high-quality services!

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