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Techray Medical attended The 2023 China-Go-Global Medical Device Conference Successfully Held

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-07-05


On June 30th, the 2023 China-Go-Global Medical Device Conference, which was guided by Tianjin Bureau of Commerce, sponsored by VB100 and VBdate, and supported by Tianjin Economic Development District Administrative Committee, officially kicked off at Intercontinental Yujiapu Hotel.


Focusing on the export of medical devices, this conference takes "overseas trade empowerment" as the core and integrates "international trade cooperation + medical device industry exchange + institutional technical exchange + enterprise product display" as a whole, further builds a multi-dimensional ecological circle of medical device export, promotes the transformation and upgrading of medical device trade, and helps domestic enterprises to innovate and develop overseas.

In recent years, the medical device market in our country has grown rapidly. China's medical device market size is expected to reach 958.2 billion yuan in 2022

Medical device has the attribute of "manufacturing + medical treatment", which is a multi-disciplinary, technology and capital-intensive high-end manufacturing industry.

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