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Techray speed! 10 sets of large oxygen generator system to be produced in 3 days!

By admin In Art, News Posted 2020-09-21

Techray speed! 

10 sets of large oxygengenerator system to be produced in3 days!

Recently, Techray should deliverya batch of oxygengenerator system to plateau. Facing the urgent production task, the relevant staff of the production department, procurement department, storage department and other departments completed the delivery with the "Techray speed" of producing 10 large oxygengenerator system in 3 days!

10 sets of large oxygen generator system to be produced in 3 days!

Researching highland oxygen and innovatingTechray's products

The relationship between altitude and atmospheric oxygen content_副本

large oxygen generator system

The snow covered plateau with an altitude of more than 3000 meters has high cold, hypoxia, lack of pressure and a harsh natural environment. Hypoxia and low air pressure will cause a series of complex adaptive or compensatory changes in human body, which will have a certain impact on human physical and mental health and labor ability.

As a high-end medical oxygen brand, Techray has been studying high-altitude oxygen products, and is committed to constantly striving to solve the problem of high-altitude hypoxia and lack of pressure. Once again, it stands out among many brands with its own strength and ingenuity.

The 10 large-scale oxygengenerator system sent to the plateau this time adopts advanced modular technology, which can ensure the efficient and stable oxygen production of the system, meet the emergency oxygen demand of the plateau, and accelerate the improvement of the oxygen supply level of the plateau.

10 sets of large oxygen generator system to be produced in 3 days! (2)

It is understood that the reason why the company can complete the task of producing 10 sets of large-scale oxygen generator system in days is due to the company's complete stock and inventory plan. In order to quickly respond to the market and provide customers with timely products and services, products of different models from small equipment to large equipment are fully stocked.

At the same time,Techray also has a complete emergency mechanism and a standardized quality management system. In the face of a short delivery period, the director of the production department set up 10 production teams as soon as he received the production task. Each production process is linked, and the production personnel achieve seamless cooperation, promote the implementation of production tasks in strict accordance with the quality management process, and ensure the efficient and high-quality completion of urgent tasks.

Production line of oxygen generator system

Production line of oxygen generator system1

Production line of oxygen generator system2

Production line of oxygen generator system3

The production task beyond the regular shipping state, Techray in the strict production cycle, complete all equipment production, commissioning, packing, shipping and other work, which is not only a productivity release, but alsoTechray speed refresh again!

This production task exceeded the normal delivery status. Under the strict production cycle, Techray completed the production, debugging, packaging, delivery and other work of all equipment, which is not only a release of productivity, but also another refresh of Techray's speed!

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