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Techray's top hospital projects in China have been highly praised

By admin In Art, News Posted 2023-09-25

Changsha Hospital, affiliated to Xiangya Medical College of Central South University, was founded in 1920. This is the first public hospital in Hunan Province founded by Chinese people. After a hundred years of continuous exploration, development and breakthrough in the trend of The Times, it has developed into a large-scale first-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and public health prevention and treatment.


At the beginning of the outbreak, the medical gas system of the hospital was faced with unprecedented pressure of gas supply. Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship and high quality, Techray carried out a comprehensive medical gas system construction for the new inpatient building of the hospital, and cooperated with century-old famous hospitals to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic.

The oxygen source system adopts the fourth generation Katyusha oxygen system, the star product of Techray, and eight core gas control technologies such as accurate airflow and gas direction to ensure the purity and life of oxygen production equipment. During the epidemic, Techray provided a steady supply of oxygen for the whole hospital, helped the hospital through the peak period of oxygen use, and successfully protected the lives of tens of thousands of patients. After three years of epidemic testing, the quality of Techray's oxygen production system was fully affirmed by the hospital.


In addition, Techray helped the hospital build a medical center attraction system, realized the high-quality construction of the negative pressure isolation ward in the hospital, and firmly built an airtight protective wall. The construction of a complete medical compressed air system ensures the safe and stable supply of compressed air in the hospital at all times, escorting the safety of the hospital environment and the life and health of personnel.


Adhering to the spirit of "craftsman", Techray continues to provide more thoughtful and high-quality services for the hospital. On the one hand, we take customer needs as our mission, actively and quickly respond to hospital needs, and constantly meet the needs of hospital high-quality gas construction and maintenance. On the other hand, regular inspection of hospital equipment, as well as operation guidance, maintenance and other related training, improve the safety supervision level and management efficiency of medical gas, ensure the best operating state of equipment, and provide safe and stable gas for the hospital.


Relying on the modern medical qi system, the hospital has greatly improved the level of medical treatment and helped the hospital to leapfrog development. In the future, Techray will continue to deepen cooperation with hospitals, continue to carry out technological innovation of products, improve services, and actively empower the cause of national health!

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