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Micro-pressure Oxygen Chamber

  • Prouct Description
Prouct Description

● 1-1.3ATA
Increase PaO2

● Intelligent dimming, soft light sense
Comfortable and better sleep

● 21%-23% Oxygen concentration
99% Blood oxygen saturation

● One-stop guidance and control
Automatic alarm system

Four life-enhancing elements in an oxygen chamber

Rapid increase of human blood oxygen saturation to 99%+, promote metabolism, enhance tissue and organ function, enhance human immune function, away from sub-health .

Nasal oxygen inhalation & Diffusion oxygen mode, promote oxygen penetration into the body, increase blood oxygen content, improve blood oxygen partial pressure, promote cell growth and renewal, enhance respiratory system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, enhance physical fitness.

● Oxygen

● Micro-pressure

● Anion

● Plant

Use oxygen chamber one hour in each day to make life healthier

● Improve lung capacity

● Improve cardiopulmonary health

● Soothe the brain

● Stay away from sub-health

● Solve sleep disorders

● Fall into a deep sleep quickly

Do you need micro-pressure oxygen therapy?

Respiratory system diseases

● Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

● Apnea syndrome

● bronchitis

● Pneumonia

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

● Three highs (high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, high blood sugar)

● coronary heart disease

● Myocarditis

Mental worker

● Dizziness and headache

● Memory decline

● Loss of vision

● Anxiety and irritability

Health care repair

● Postoperative rehabilitation

● Sports injury, fatigue

● Poisoning


● Decreased immunity

● Fatigue prone

● Mental laxity

● Insomnia and dreaminess

Specific population

● pregnant woman

● Business people

● aged people

● crowd in high altitude areas

Product parameters

Techray  standard chamberTechray   flagship chamberSoft chamber
working air pressure0-30kpa0-30kpa0-30kpa
Atmospheric chamber size750*2200910*920*2240800*800*2000
Power source box overall dimensions    750*410*650910*920*400760*450*730
Nasal oxygen concentration≥90%≥90%≥90%
Oxygen concentration93%士3%93%士3%93%士3%
Oxygen flow5L/min5L/min5L/min
Compressor noise50dB50dB50dB
Power SupplyAC220V(士10%)50/60 HzAC220V(士10%)50/60 HzAC220V(士10%)50/60 Hz
Recommended operating ambient temperature
Recommended working environment temperature
Recommended working environment humidity20-85%20-85%20-85%
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