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Medical PSA oxygen machine inside the hospital what use, how should manage?

August 06,2022

I. Stable "oxygen source"

The production of medical oxygen  by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen production equipment is more economical, convenient, safe and reliable than bottled oxygen and liquid oxygen
The characteristics of. Very suitable for - some remote, inconvenient transport hospitals. The most characteristic of PSA oxygen production is;
1.1 Physical oxygen production with air and Wei raw material
1.2 oxygen production is stable and efficient
1.3 the equipment can automatically start and stop, remote control, meteor can be adjusted, with the system
1.4 low maintenance, low cost of oxygen production, safety and stability
Typically, hospitals can see a return on investment in about two years with PSA oxygen systems.

2. Medical oxygen is widely used

Oxygen is probably the most important class of medical gases; It is used in general wards, intensive care units, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, general
Operating room, abdominal operating room, thoracic and brain operating room, etc. In addition to being used alone, medical oxygen can also be used with other medical gases such as nitric oxide
Combined use of helium, for anesthesia, analgesia and drug atomization.

3. oxygen station construction, management is simple

1.1Oxygen production stationn
The air or oxygen pressure of medical pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen plant is low
pressure. Although oxygen can support combustion, it does not have the conditions of ignition and explosion under normal use, so the overall safety factor is high.
The choice of Skid-mounted oxygen plant can also effectively reduce the occupation area of pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant and shorten the site construction period.
1.2 Oxygen station management
In management,Medical oxygen manufacturer  uses advanced technology,without 24 hours on duty, equipment automation and remote monitoring can effectively save manpower input, managers can remotely carry out the following operations;
1.11 Remotely monitor the operation status of the oxygen production system, debug and upgrade the oxygen production system
1.12 Store remote data for query at any time
1.13 Maintain oxygen generator remotely and adjust remote data
1.14 Remote start and stop of oxygen production system